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Carlos standing in an almond orchard pollinated by Estrada Farms.

At Estrada Farms, our main business is beekeeping. Given the fact that the honey market is flooded with cheap Chinese, Argentinian, and Brazilian honey (to name a few), American beekeepers need to find sources of income other than honey. Fortunately for California beekeepers, we live in the state that produces most of the almonds for the entire world! And yes, almonds are 100% reliant on honeybees for pollination (no bees equals no almonds). At Estrada Farms, we have an exclusive almond pollination contract with one grower who understands our “chemical free” approach. For this reason we have negotiated pollination terms with this grower so that they do not spray any pesticides, miticides, or fungicides while our bees are present. Negotiating these types of terms is currently not the industry norm and it’s the reason why we only have one pollination customer. We hope that the rest of the industry will one day do the same. But for now, we are proud of the fact that we can contribute to our local California agriculture economy while not compromising our value of, “Simply Natural”.

Thanks to our temperate California weather, we were able to deliver some hives with greater than 20 frames of bees. We averaged 15 frames of bees per hive when the industry standard is 8-10 frames.


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