Our Mission

Welcome to Estrada Farms! Here at Estrada Farms, we believe that natural is always better.

We keep our bees the “old school” way. We manage our hives to reduce stress on the colonies, we feed little to no artificial food to them, and collect only surplus honey ensuring that the colonies keep enough “natural” food for themselves. We believe that honey should be of the highest quality and free of chemicals introduced by beekeepers or the environment.

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Estrada Farms

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Estrada Farms is a family owned business that specializes in “treatment free” beekeeping. We have two locations, one in Bakersfield California and another in the community of Alpine Forrest in the Tehachapi mountains. We have been breeding survivor bees from our own apiary for over a decade. Our current stock of bees can trace it’s lineage back to feral beehives. We have found that our honeybee stocks are easier to manage while sustaining lower losses than the national average.

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