Our Mission

Welcome to Estrada Farms! Here at Estrada Farms, we believe that natural is always better.

“Simply Natural” isn’t just our motto, it is also our number one goal. To ensure the most natural products, we find clever solutions to complex problems; whether it’s breeding genetically superior honey bees that don’t require pesticide treatments, or breeding hair sheep that don’t require tail docking, shearing, or worm treatments.

Even at the expense of profit margins, we never cut corners in our uncompromising approach to quality.  Our main motivation is the fact that our families eat what we produce. So rest assured that if a product has the Estrada Farms name on it, you are getting the most natural and nutritious products available. Proof of this is our small, but growing list of loyal customers and the backlog of others waiting to join the list.

Feel free to check out our website and take a look at what we have to offer.


Estrada Farms

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Estrada Farms is a family owned business that specializes in “treatment free” beekeeping. We have two locations, one in Bakersfield California and another in the community of Hart Flat in the Tehachapi mountains. We have been breeding survivor bees from our own apiary for over a decade. Our current stock of bees can trace it’s lineage back to feral beehives (we still catch swarms and perform hive removals). Aside from beekeeping, we also have a sheep breeding program with a goal of achieving the most hands off and easy to maintain breed of sheep possible, which we call the EZ-Flock. Last but not least, we grow different types of plants. We focus on vegetable plants such as peppers and tomatoes, however, a couple of years ago we also began collecting many varieties of fig trees.

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